Event: Introduction to Unreal

Yesterday I attended to Epic’s workshop at Gameplay Spaces here in Montreal and watched 3 talented gentlemen build a game from scratch right in front of me.

They did a simple twin sticker shooter game (tutorial can be found here) while explaining the features of the engine. It was really dense, but those who didn’t know the power of Unreal could feel it live.

I’ve worked with Unity in the past and last week I downloaded Unreal to check the differences and try to make a small project using it. One thing that is really nice is the blueprint scheme, where you can visually script some behaviors without getting into code.

A blueprint looks like this.

The workshop was really good, it explained well the basics of the engine and where could anyone go with it. Plus, they gave us Schwartz’s smoked meat sandwich and beer.

In the next few weeks I might post something about the progress of my project.


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