Having Fun with Unreal

Took a while for this update, but I’ve been playing around with Unreal, making a prototype without a concrete objective just to see how things work on this engine.

So far, so good… It took some time to understand a few¬†specific things, but I loved the Blueprint scheme!

I’m not a big programmer myself, but I can understand some programming logic and after searching a few tutorials I was able to put some basic functionality together:

  • Basic Isometric Character Movement (With WASD to Move and Space to Jump, or using gamepad)
  • Collectables items, with animation upon collection, tied to the interface and showing how many were collected by the player
  • Character Health, with health bar and respawn function
  • Floor obstacle that damages the player
  • 3 door types (automatic, opens with door lock, and door lock requires key card), based on the same blueprint -> Construction script is amazing!
  • Win condition, based on having all level items collected
  • Load next level, after completing the current level

Prototype Preview


The whole process was fast, and I believe this will be a great prototyping tool when I won’t have a programmer available to help me.

My next step will probably make things a little more beautiful to the eye (learn materials, lights etc), and set up a proper level, of course.






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