A Short Intro

From my past blogging experiences, the first post is always the most difficult, so I’ll make it short and straight to the point.

Who are you?

I’m a game designer from Brazil who would like to share the experiences that I had in the industry, hoping that this might one day help others to start their own game development path.

What is this blog about?

After mentally checking the subjects I’d like to talk about I’ve come to the following topics:

  • What I’m playing : The latest games I am playing, why I chose to play them, my likes and dislikes.
  • Game Design Notes : Some of my notes about what I’ve learned about game development in general.
  • Events : Events that I’ve attended and my experiences.
  • Tips for Noobs : Things that I wish I knew when I started in the game industry and I’d like to share with future game dev generations.
  • Inspiring Quotes : Quotes, from the game industry or not, that inspire me.
  • Bonus Level : Anything else I’d like to talk about.

More categories may appear as I’m writing and finding different things to talk about, but the core is this. It will be nice to let it registered to see how much it will grow.

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy it!

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